Real Estate In Cabo


Well, 2014 was nothing if not eventful for Los Cabos. While natural disasters and fairy tale endings have been discussed over and over the real estate market has been surprisingly quiet. What’s going on? Is the recession still hurting us? Quite the contrary.

The numbers show that real estate did very well last year. Before I start boring you with all the statistics let me make two good, old-fashioned disclaimers. Our MLS, FLEX MLS based in Fargo, North Dakota makes every effort to provide reliable information but remember what they used to say about “Garbage In Garbage Out”? Here in Cabo we refer to it as “Agent Input Error”. And [AHEM] we’ve got a lot of it. So although we know the numbers aren’t completely accurate they’re the best we’ve got and in general are good enough to indicate trends.

The other disclaimer is to explain that the MLS is…

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