Water! How could I have forgotten that? Going back to ‘before’ stuff for a moment: you’ll want to stock up on drinking water. Big Time. First of all, the aqueduct will break. It always does, but we never know how long it will take to fix. So stock up. While you’re at it, get paper plates so you don’t have to use drinking water to do dishes. If you’re lucky enough to have a tub, fill it up as well and put a bucket next to it to use to flush. So sorry to have overlooked a critically important piece of preparation. Now on to DURING.


When the storm hits you are hopefully fully prepared and have sought shelter. Stay there. And most importantly:




This cannot be stressed enough; it seems every storm we lose a few people to the waves. They are bigger and more powerful than you think and can strike without warning. Yes, I will admit to succumbing and sneaking outside to check out the wind and the rain at the start of a storm, but try not to overdo it and for sure stay far away from the beach.


Once the rain starts downtown Cabo will flood. Period. Heck, certain intersections flood even during a light rain. And it’s important to:




Some of that water isn’t specifically clean (is there a polite way to say sewer run off?) and it’s traveling too fast. Stay somewhere warm, dry and safe.


Once the wind and rain really crank up there’s not much to do other than ride it out. If you’re lucky you might be able to sleep through it. Try to stay away from windows and sliding glass doors to avoid being cut if the glass breaks. If there is a quiet corner in your house take your pets and cuddle up there.


It’s almost impossible not to go out when the eye passes over. Try not to go too far away as you don’t know how long it will last and the inner wall can slam you into next week. When it’s finally over you can relax, assess the damage, and get into post-hurricane mode, our next topic.




Carol Billups is Broker/Owner of Cabo Realty Pros. She has enjoyed working with both buyers and sellers for over thirteen years and still thinks hers is the best job on earth. She is also the real estate columnist for Los Cabos Magazine. You can read more of her articles on the website blog www.caborealtypros.com. You can reach her from the U.S. or Canada at 1-760-481-7694, or in Cabo at 044-624-147-7541. You can listen to our 24/7 broadcast on http://www.livecabo.net for a mix of happy music, weather reports and local information.




© 2014 Carol S. Billups





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